TV IP Control Report from CES 2013


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    Very helpful, thanks!! Keep up the great work- love Roomie Remote.

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    Any comments from Dish on the Hopper? They’ve been rumored to be about to release specs on IP control for about a year, right? Anybody used a sniffer (Wireshark?) to try to figure it out? Feedback on the Hopper would be awesome. Thanks!


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    Newer Mitsubishi TV’s have IP control. Their iOS app is horrendous. Any chance you can add Mitsubishi support?

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    “They [Samsung] knew exactly what we were asking about and were quite clear they would continue to support power via Bluetooth and Infrared only and not IP which means another year of hobbled Samsung TVs”

    I’ve managed to enable IP ‘Power On’ for my Samsung EU55ES8000, I think this will work for all 21012 Smart Hub models.

    Using the remote…

    [SMART HUB Button] ->
    [TOOLS Button] ->
    ‘Settings’ ->
    ‘Account Manager’ ->
    ‘Set Remote Access’ ->
    ‘Remote Scheduler’ ->

    A message will be displayed…

    “….With remote access on, your TV will go on standby even when turned off…..”

    Click ‘OK’

    You may need to setup a Samsung Account to do this, I’m not sure as I already had one set. However, once the ‘Remote Scheduler’ is set ‘On’ the Samsung IP Server does not turn off when the TV is powered Off and Roomie can ‘Power On’ the TV over IP, no need for infrared.

    Hope this helps someone

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      Art Prest

      Unfortunately “Set Remote Access” does not exist as a menu item under “Account Manager” with a 2012 Samsung UN50ES6900FXZA TV.


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    Im wiring my basement now with the intent of using roomie for everything. If I get an IP controlled tv then I just need to have an extra cat 5 wire run to the tv so its connected? Then an additional two cat 5 wires to send the hdmi signal and sound? I want to make sure I sent all the correct wires there now before closing the walls. Thanks

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      @skinsncanes – I wired my house with 3 cat6 to each tv, that is a minimum! A fourth cable wouldn’t hurt…
      Also, to my main tv’s I ran coax just in case I ever had to use an HD antenna.

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