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Roomie Remote 2.2 is Now Available on the App Store! The changes in this release are summarized here.

New Features

  • Virtual Remote Customization: The order of the panels and feedback on Virtual Remotes may now be re-arranged. This provides a simple and fast customization method. The Mapped Remotes option allowing total layout control introduced in 2.1 provides complete layout control for more advanced customization.
  • Dish Hopper/Joey IP Control and Auto-Discovery: Dish Hopper, Joey, and SuperJoey receivers are now controlled entirely via IP including guide integration.
  • Dish Virtual Remote and DVR Guide

New Features with Roomie Service:

Estimote iBeacons

  • Dish Hopper/Joey DVR Guide: Browse and play recorded programs on your Hopper or Joey.
  • Estimote Support: Proximity Automation now enables using the Estimote beacon instead of a private beacon for easy integration of Estimote iBeacons.
  • Location Links: Backing up to the Roomie Service now provides a Recovery Email option which allows easy switching between multiple configurations as well as a complete restoration to a fresh copy of Roomie. The Roomie URL scheme has also been enhanced to allow switching entire configurations, for example:

  • Proximity Automation

  • XBMC Played Status: Played/Unplayed status may now be set for programs from the Media Guide.


  • Row End markers may now be added to the Top Bar in the Remote Design editor.
  • Toggle Mode Activities now provide an option not to reset on System Off.
  • Optimizations to Auto-Discovery that fix issues with retrieving some lighting device manifests.
  • Optimized Wi-Fi Synchronization Activity updates. They should now be more reliable and synchronize even faster. Make sure to update to Roomie Agent 1.3.0+ as well.
  • Added one-time deprecation warnings for iOS 6 and the L5 scheduled for September 2014.
  • Added Reset Diagnostics button.


  • Fixed DirecTV discovery issue with duplication of devices.
  • Fixed POWER TOGGLE commands used in Toggle Mode Activities with Track Power State turned on.
  • Fixed auto-detection issue with Pioneer 2013 receiver models.
  • Fixed tab switching issue in Prevent Editing mode on iPhone screens.
  • Fixed issues with Proximity Automation.
  • Various additional fixes.

Configurations are updated by this version. All Roomies sharing a configuration should be upgraded to this release. Systems running iOS 5 may continue running Roomie 1.9.3. However, Wi-Fi Synchronization should be disabled on older Roomie versions. Roomie Remote for iOS 5 is also available as a separate app on the App Store.

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