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Take your iPad Universal Remote to the next level! Roomie Remote 1.8 is now available for download on the App Store! The changes in this release are summarized here.

New Features

  • Automation Integration: Rooms, Lights, and even Shades configured with Radio RA 2 or Insteon ISY99 controllers are now synchronized with Roomie for simple integration of lighting and shade/drapery control in each room.
  • Custom Sliders: Slider controls with live feedback may now be added to Virtual Remotes for control of many different devices including light dimming levels and volumes on supported devices.
  • Live Buttons: Buttons may now switch state based on binary feedback such as power, mute, whether a light is on or off, a sensor, and more.
  • Automation Integration

    Automation Integration

    Custom and Popup Sliders

    Popup Sliders

  • VLC IP Control: Deep integration with VLC clients featuring direct IP control, progress tracking and many VLC settings such as audio track selection and fullscreen mode.
  • VLC Media Guide: Included as part of the HD Guide Pack, full media browsing of playlists and filesystems through VLC is now provided.
  • Popup Activities: Activities may now present on top of the current Activity without changing it. Popup Activities may use custom Remote Designs.
  • VLC Control and VLC Media Guide

    VLC Control and VLC Media Guide

    Popup Activity for Lighting Control

    Popup Activities

  • Power Tracking: State is now tracked for toggled power devices. Power toggle commands are only sent when switching Activities in appropriate situations.
  • Remote Design Management: Remote Designs are now managed centrally for all rooms. Any device referenced in a Remote Design may now source from any room even if used from a different room.
  • Button Sounds/Vibration: Buttons on Virtual Remotes may now cause a sound or vibration of the device.
  • Roomie Sync: Activity changes, power status changes, and all other configuration changes are now updated instantly by any Roomie on your local network without Dropbox or iCloud. Roomie Sync will soon by joined by Roomie Agent for Mac OS providing additional synchronization and management for Roomie devices.
  • XBMC 12/Plex HT Integration: Discovery and feedback now provided for XBMC 12 Frodo and the new Plex Home Theater including play positioning and media display.
  • Button Sounds and Vibration

    Button Sounds and Vibration

    Lighting Area Matching

    Lighting Area Matching

New Devices

  • iTach Flex: Support for the new iTach Flex series adapters has been added. More information on the new iTach Flex can be found in the Roomie Store for the iTach Flex IP and iTach Flex Wi-Fi.
  • DirecTV C31 Genie: HR34 client receivers are now auto-discovered and controlled via IP.
  • Lutron Discovery: Auto-discovery of Lutron Radio RA 2 has been added.
  • Yamaha Receivers 2012+: Support for Zone 4 and Airplay inputs have been added.
  • Yamaha Receivers 2010+: Alternate method added to allow control from multiple iOS devices simultaneously. Select ‘YNC Zone 1′ to use this new control method via Manual IP. Not all features of the standard control method are available in this set.
  • Remote Buddy: Added auto-discovery, logo, and keyboard support.
  • Oppo 103/105 Blu-ray Players: Added auto-discovery in addition to the existing IP control.
  • iTach Flex IP and Flex Wi-Fi

    iTach Flex IP and Flex Wi-Fi

    iTach Flex IP with Tri-Port Cable

    iTach Flex IP with Tri-Port Cable


  • Sony 2012 BD players are now supported for keyboard input and display feedback for program name and disc.
  • Row End markers can now be added to Remote Designs to force visual boundaries.
  • Apple TV Virtual Remotes now include play position control when used with an associated iTunes.
  • Added Denon SiriusXM and radio feedback.
  • Notification of IP address changes now identifies the changed device(s) explicitly.
  • iTach IR devices may now be added via Manual IP if auto-discovery cannot find them due to a router problem.
  • L5 Accessory firmware is now updated automatically and no longer requires the L5 Remote app.
  • Jump to Guide enabled for DirecTV.
  • Added logos for Somfy, VLC, Velodyne, and more.
  • Added room logos for Theater Shades and Garage.
  • Collapse Prefix buttons can now address any device in any room.
  • iCloud Synchronization has been restructured for increased robustness.
  • Localizations added for German and Spanish.


  • Connection failures are now retried aggressively resulting in much faster recovery.
  • Fixed feedback for streaming inputs on Denon receivers for Zones 2-4.
  • Improved IR learning from L5 accessories that sometimes produced codes that did not work with iTach IR units.
  • Fixed auto-discovery of some Vera models.
  • Additional fixes based on field reports.

Configurations are automatically updated by this version. Roomie devices sharing a configuration should all be upgraded to this release for proper synchronization.

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