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Roomie Remote 1.9 is now available for download on the App Store! The changes in this release are summarized here.

New Features

Live RTSP Camera Support

  • Live Video Cameras: View RTSP video feeds such as those from most surveillance cameras. Cameras can be added to Virtual Remotes and separate panels.
  • Conditional Delays: Delays may be added when a device is powered on before sending additional commands with no delay if the device is already powered on.
  • Windows Mouse Control: Support for mouse and keyboard control of Windows systems via MCE Controller.
  • Remote Buddy Screen Control: Support for mouse and keyboard control as well as live screen viewing has been added for Remote Buddy for OS X.
  • URL Buttons: Buttons on Remote Designs can now open apps, URLs or even live camera displays as part of the command list.
  • Dynamic Device Updates: Roomie no longer depends on a monolithic device library and now downloads updates dynamically as needed. This results in much faster updates and a much smaller app footprint.

New In-App Purchase: Agent Management Pack

Roomie Agent: Synchronization and Management for Roomie Remote

  • Roomie Agent Integration: Roomie Agent for OS X, a separate product available in the Roomie Store, provides management of Roomie devices. Agent support is activated in Roomie by the Agent Management Pack in-app purchase.
  • Backup and Synchronization: Synchronization and backup for all Agent Management Pack enabled Roomie devices via Wi-Fi Synchronization.
  • Remote App Launching: Launch and bring to front applications on the Agent OS X system from Roomie’s command lists.
  • OS X Control: Control a Roomie Agent OS X system including live screen display in the Virtual Remote, mouse control, and keyboard commands.
  • Remote Configuration Lock: Configurations can now be locked remotely via Roomie Agent including an optional PIN number to allow local access.
Roomie Agent Wi-Fi Synchronization and Backup

Roomie Agent joins Roomie’s Wi-Fi Synchronization mesh keeping all of your Roomie Remotes synchronized instantly.

Backup and restore configurations to all Roomie clients simultaneously.

Roomie Agent PIN Lockdown

PIN-based configuration lock for Roomie Remote devices with the Agent Management Pack.

Turn your iMac or Mac Mini into a HTPC media center. Control OS X from the ease of your couch with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Control OS X

Roomie Agent Management Pack OS X Screen ControlRoomie Remote Commands For Roomie Agent

  • Launch OS X Applications
  • Live Screen and Mouse Control
  • Wake from Sleep
  • Create Macros for Mouse/Keyboard Commands
  • Restart, Shutdown, Sleep

New Devices:

  • Logitech Alert Cameras: Viewing live video from Logitech Alert cameras as well as automatic discovery of the cameras and integration into Remote Designs has been added.
  • iTach Flex Serial: Support for serial connections with the new iTach Flex adapters has been added.
  • MiCasaVerde Vera Lighting Feedback: Brightness and power management for lights and switches via Vera has been added as well as synchronization of all Vera devices.
  • Anthem D2v/50v: Support for Anthem’s D2v/50v processor series has been added including feedback.


  • Over 35,000 new infrared commands have been added for even greater compatibility with virtually all infrared devices. Newly added codes especially focus on adding many devices from international markets.
  • Sonos Pandora integration now includes Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down feedback.
  • The System Off activity for a Room can now be deleted. New Activities may be designated as either Power On or Power Off Activities.
  • Insteon ISY99 Lighting Feedback is now more efficient allowing a significantly greater number of simultaneous feedbacks.
  • Add Device now re-sorts devices less frequently so that devices are easier to select on highly populated networks.
  • Wi-Fi Warning now appears whenever resuming the app if Wi-Fi is not active.
  • Sonos Group control has been moved to the Media Bar.
  • Updated App Icon.


  • Restored ability to set Repeats for commands to Serial and IP devices.
  • Fixed scrolling issue in Guide Settings on iPad screens.
  • Fixed rare crash related to guide data.
  • Fixed older Marantz receiver volume feedback (Pre-2010).
  • Fixed iTunes Airplay speaker feedback.
  • Fixed issue on iPhone screens jumping to Virtual Remote from the Room list on a configuration update if an activity was open.

Configurations are automatically updated by this version. All Roomie devices sharing a configuration should be upgraded to this release.

3 Responses to Roomie 1.9 is Released! Feature Overview

  1. When will Panasonic DMP-BDT230 Blu-ray player be compatible?

  2. The frequency of updates and the amazing new features that are being added to Roomie is incredible. Keep up the great work, I love Roomie.

  3. You guys rock!
    Keep up the great work and can’t wait to see Indigo integration (one can at least dream, right?) :-)