Roomie Agent

Roomie Agent

Roomie Agent for OS X

Roomie Agent for OS X provides synchronization and configuration management for Roomie Remote for iOS. Roomie Agent provides control of OS X to turn your Mac into an HTPC controlled by Roomie.

Roomie Agent 2.0, now available, now supports Triggers! Create reactive feedback actions such as “run the Watch TV Activity when my Lutron keypad button is pressed”. Triggers can be set to execute from Roomie Agent so they work even when Roomie isn’t running on any devices.

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Roomie Agent Synchronization

Synchronization and Backup

Roomie Agent joins Roomie’s Wi-Fi Synchronization mesh keeping all of your Roomie Remotes synchronized instantly.

Backup and restore configurations to all Roomie clients simultaneously.

Configuration Lock

PIN-based configuration lock for Roomie Remote devices with the Agent Management Pack.

Turn your iMac or Mac Mini into a HTPC media center. Control OS X from the ease of your couch with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Agent Commands

Roomie Agent enables Roomie Remote with the Agent Management Pack to control OS X systems with commands allowing you to setup your Activities in exactly the right way every time.

Commands include launching OS X Applications, mouse position and click commands, keyboard entry, waking the OS X system from Sleep using network level Wake on LAN commands, and even restart/shutdown/sleep.

Screen Control

Roomie Remote with the Agent Management Pack controls and views the OS X screen including live mouse movement and keyboard commands.