The Last Remote Control You’ll Ever Need

  • Automatic Discovery with Unmatched IP Control
  • Instantly Configures Virtual Remotes
  • Infrared Adapters Support Virtually Any Device
  • High End Home Theater Library Over 190,000 Commands
  • Home Automation Integration Including Nest
  • Learn more about Roomie’s Features
The Best Universal Remote for All Types of Devices

TV Listings for 34 Countries

  • Two Weeks of Cable, Satellite, Antenna Listings
  • Personalized Channel Lists
  • Series, Season, and Episode Guides
  • Cast Credits and Biographies
  • Integrated with XBMC and Plex!
Personalized TV Listings combined with the best Universal Remote Control

DISH Control & DVR Integration

  • Automatic Discovery of DISH Hopper and Joey
  • All Remote Capabilities via Pure IP
  • TV Guide Listings for All DISH Regions
  • PrimeTime AnyTime and AutoHop Support
  • Browse and Play Recorded DVR Programs
DISH Remote with DISH DVR Guide

The Last Remote Control You’ll Ever Need

  • Tightly Integrate DISH, DirecTV, TiVo, Roku, and more
  • Apple TV, iTunes, Lutron, Insteon, and Sonos Support
  • Advanced Macros and Customization
  • Instant Wi-Fi Synchronization for Multiple iOS Devices
  • Gesture Control – No More Need to Look Down
  • Learn more about Roomie’s Features
Whole house remote control with Personalized TV Listings

Sonos Married To Your Home Theater

  • The Missing Link For Sonos Control
  • Automatic Control of All Sonos Speakers
  • Browse your Sonos Music Library
  • Automate Grouping of Different Sonos Speakers
  • Search Sonos Songs
  • Play Pandora and Sonos Radio
  • Group Volume Control
Sonos control with Grouping and Media Guide

Kaleidescape Movie Guide

  • Discover and Control Kaleidescape Movie Servers
  • All Remote Capabilities via Pure IP
  • Browse Movies on your Kaleidescape System
  • Play Scenes, Discs, Trailers, and more for the Full Second Screen Experience
  • Detailed Info for All Movies
Kaleidescape Movie Guide

Roomie Agent – Synchronize All Your Devices

  • Instant Wi-Fi Synchronization
  • PIN-based Configuration Lock
  • Application and Script Launching
  • Keyboard and Mouse Control
  • Live Screen Control
  • Lutron Triggers for Any Roomie Activity
  • Backup/Restore Configuration to All Devices
  • Learn more about Roomie Agent
Roomie Agent for OS X

Automatic Discovery and Unmatched IP Control

  • Discover Most Modern Devices Automatically
  • Thousands of Devices – No Adapter Needed
  • IP Address Change Detection
  • Wake on LAN Power Control
  • Advanced Macros

Upgrade Your TV Experience

  • Direct Apple TV Network Control
  • iTunes Control for OS X and Windows
  • XBMC Media Guide and Season/Show Guide
  • VLC IP Control and Media Browsing
  • DirecTV and TiVo IP Control
  • DISH IP Control and DVR Guide
  • TiVo IP Control and DVR Guide
  • Works with Nest Certified
TiVo remote control with Guide Integration
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Latest News

New Devices Apple TV: A truly unique breakthrough, Roomie now features direct network control of all current Apple TV generations including gestures, media feedback, and keyboard support. Nest Thermostats: Official, supported control over Nest thermostats including commands to set cool/heat … Read More

Roomie Remote 2.4 is Now Available on the App Store! The changes in this release are summarized here. New Features TiVo Program Control: Deep integration with TiVo Roamio/Premiere is now provided including live display of the current program or recording … Read More

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